To view insights posted by your Coach click on the Insights Menu Item at the bottom of the screen.

Achiiva will automatically display Insights form All Coaches.


To view insights from a particular Coach select the Coach from the filter. Click on the filter button which will give you a list of you Coaches. 



Things to know:
• Only Coaches can share Insights with Clients. They will share information that might be motivational, educational, informative or humorous. Whatever they think will support you.
• Sometimes a Coach will write a long insight. If the insight is long it will have a read more button just like a long article or blog post online.
• If the Insight includes a Link to a file (for example drop box), a web site or a Video (for example a You Tube video) you can click on the link to view the site.
• The Achiiva News and Help Coach only posts Insights relating to app updates and other useful information.