We continue to improve Achiiva using a combination of your feedback, our panel of coaches, and our own testing and research.

In this latest release we have continued with general updates to improve performance as well as some key functional updates.

Below are the major changes in this release.

Coaching Wheels

We are excited to announce the release of two most requested updates.

  1. Descriptions on ‘Check In’ – When you ‘check in’ progress on a wheel you will now see the driver name and the description of the driver. Previously only the driver name was visible on ‘check in’,
  2. Archiving a Wheel – You can now have ‘active’ and ‘archived’ wheels. This function works just like completing a goal. Once a wheel is archived you can view it at any time and, if needed, you can make it active again. This means you can use wheels for onboarding new clients or staff, or use a wheel to track progress on a goal and ‘archive’ the wheel when no longer needed. When you go to your wheel listing you will now have two tabs as below.

Saving Data

Every screen now has a ‘tick and cross’ icon in the top left hand corner as below.

  1. Tapping the TICK will save your data and exit the screen,
  2. Tapping the CROSS will exit the screen without saving your changes.