Did you know that mobile phone users are starting to use text messaging more than voice calling? Texting and other forms of instant messaging are becoming a preferred method of communication. Relationships are being built solely through online communications and it is not uncommon to have whole conversations via text messages. For all these reasons and more having an instant messaging platform in Achiiva is integral to enhance coaching communications and to strengthen the coaching relationship.

Unlike sending standard text messages or using other instant messaging app, using messaging in Achiiva makes it easy for you to identify and deliver a Coaching communication. It also makes it ‘safer’ for your Clients. They know the app is for Coaching, so they feel more comfortable messaging you.

Here are some ideas on how to power up the use of messaging in yoInstant Messaging in Coachingur coaching process.

  • Guidelines – ask your Client to use Achiiva messaging for any questions, feedback or casual
    communications relating to the Coaching relationship. This keeps you Coaching communication in one place.
  • Motivation – Send quick motivational messages when you know your Client has a big day ahead or is taking action to move forward on a major challenge.
  • Emoticons – A picture speaks a thousand words. Use the emoticons from your phone’s keyboard to send real quick motivational images such as a trophy, champagne glass or even a four leaf clover. They will know what you mean!
  • Email Notification – It might sound like overkill but send a message to notify your Client that you have sent them an important email that relates to your Coaching. Most of us suffer from email overload and email clutter so by adopting this approach you can be assured your Client will check and read your email. (Ask your Client to do the same.)
  • MicroCoaching – MicroCoaching is a brief digital conversation that supports Clients to move forward. A quick conversation via messaging in response to a question, observation from a shared journal, wheel check-in or goal update. MicroCoaching is on the rise and is a familiar way for a large cross section of the population to communicate. You may not believe it, but it is powerful, gets results, is motivating and improve Client engagement and commitment.
  • Voice to Text – Want to send a long message? Use the voice to text option on your keyboard. You can even replace emails if you use this approach. You have 2000 characters per message which is about all the text on this page!

You can find our more information relating to messages here.