The practice of reflection and observation is integral to embedding new behaviours, learnings and achieving coaching outcomes. Achiiva provides a journal function that can be used anytime, anywhere. Observations can be captured, recorded and shared as they happen.  Sharing journals in this manner provides a constant flow of valuable information to inform and drive Coaching conversations, fuel powerful micro-coaching and track progress.

Using Journals ot increase self awareness when coaching

  • Directed Journaling – Give you Clients direction on what you want them to reflect on and write
    about. This ensures the power of reflection and personal observation is effectively applied in your Coaching and makes it ‘safe’ for your Clients to journal. Let’s face it, they are likely to be thinking ‘dear diary …’.
  • Regular Sharing – Provide guidelines on the minimum number of journals you want your Client to share with you each week or day. This provides the basis to ensure journaling is completed and enables you to ask for journals based on your Coaching agreement.
  • Micro Journaling – Adopt the concept of micro journaling for yourself and your Clients. Short regular journals that are captured in the moment. You can even provide direction to you Clients to do “one sentence journalis” to instill the journaling habit. Examples of micro journaling include things like “I am never going to do that again”, “Your advice worked!” or they might be a little longer such as “in reflection, I did not handle myself so well with my partner I could have listened more and reacted less”, Micro journaling gives permission to capture quick thoughts and observations and makes journaling more fun!
  • Memory Joggers – Use journals to capture notes ‘in the moment’. Thoughts or reflections that can be expanded on later. A journal can be edited and shared at any time.
  • Journal “Your” Journey – As a Coach it is easy to forget the actions you take and the progress and light bulb moments you have along the way. Make a point of capturing at least one journal per day or per week related to your Coaching journey. This will make it easy to look back one month, one year or even five years from now to see how you have grown and what you have learnt. (Note that you can export your journals and this functionality will beA coach can share a journal with a client improved down the track.)
  • Share a Journal with your Client – As a Coach you can also share journals with Clients. This is a powerful tool to share a moment of reflection on how far your Client has progressed, share constructive feedback or praise or comment on an action or learning they have shared with you. It is a small interaction that has a big impact.
  • Keeping Notes – Use journals to keep notes. Relating to Client meetings, when at a seminar or even when you have met someone new at a networking event and want to remember more about them.
  • Voice to Text – Want to write a long journal? Use the voice to text option on your keyboard. You have upto 3000 characters which is more than all the text on this page!

You can find more information in relation to journals here.