Insights are used by Coaches to share news, information, updates, education, motivation or thoughts with their Clients. Insights can be sent to all Clients or specific groups of clients. Only Coaches can set up and share insights.

Insights can be posted immediately or scheduled to post at a later date.

Insights are being used for many purposes below are some examples you might like to consider.

  • Reminders – Schedule a regular weekly (Friday or Monday) insight to all Clients reminding them to ‘check in’, journal and/or update any progress they have made for the weeks. Try and add a picture to the insight to make it more appealing. Maybe even add a touch of humour!
  • Motivate – Send motivational quotes and associated pictures.
  • Announcements – Advise your clients of upcoming leave or times you won’t be available.
  • You Tube and Blogs – If you see a great video, article or blog that your Clients can learn from post it as an insight.
  • Educate – Create mini educational snippets and regularly post to your Clients. If you have videos hosted on vimeo or you tube you can link them to an insight and use Achiiva as a training platform.
  • Documents  – Distribute documents to you clients by sending a dropbox or similar link via insights.
  • Daily / Weekly Affirmations – If you are a super vigilant life Coach you might want to share regular affirmations.
  • Create Groups Group your Clients based on their likes, interests, cohorts or key areas of Coaching focus. This way you can send ‘leadership’ insights to those who are focussing on leadership, ‘finance’ insights and information to those with an interest in finance etc. Note that one Client can belong to multiple groups.

Coaching Insight Announcement

Coaching Insight Motivation

Coaching Insight Affirmation

You can find our more information relating to Insights here.