The dashboard is a great reference point for you and your Client. It helps drive accountability and is quick reference point to know if you client is living up to their commitments. This in turn plays a key role in driving powerful micro-coaching.

Below are some specific examples of leading practices relating to the use of the Dashboard in Achiiva

  • Client Guidelines – When you engage a Client it is a great practice to give them some minimum frequencies for sharing and update key coaching information. For example “I would like you to share a journal at least once a week, always keep your goals updated and check-in to your coaching wheel/s at least every Friday.” Once you have these ‘KPI’s” you can check the dashboard and if the ‘Last Check In” or “Last Shared Journal” is greater than 7 days then you can send your Client a quick message prompting them to take action or reflect on their current situation. (This is a form of micro-coaching.)
  • Goals and Steps Overdue – As goals become overdue send a message to prompt your Client to either update the goal or change the completion date. The notification process in Achiiva will ensure that you are immediately notified of all changes. If your client pushes out a completion date you can send a message and ask them to share a journal to capture what has lead up to them not being able to achieve the target date.  Of course, it is important to do this with a focus on learning and accountability. (More micro-coaching.)
  • My Last Action – As a Coach you can see when your last action with a Client took place (note that Clients are not privy to this information). This allows you to know when and where to focus your time and makes it easy for you to regularly stay in contact with each client. (Please note that if you send an insight to all Clients, that counts as an action. So if you sent an insight today to all Clients, the ‘last action’ will be update to ‘a minute ago’ for all Clients.)

Coaching Dashboard

Find out more information about the dashboard here.