Goals Wheels and Journals can be private or shared as part of your Coaching relationship. Once an item is shared both the Coach and Client can view the item and any updates. To make it easy to keep track of changes to shared items, the Coach and Client will receive a notification if any changes are made to the shared item.

You can share an item either as soon as you create it, or you can firstly save it as private and share it later.

When you want to share an item you simply access the screen that has the ‘share with’ field on it.

For Goals either;
• Hit + to add a new Goal or
• Click on a Goal from the Goal list and the following screen will display

Once a Goal is shared both Coach and Client can edit or delete the Goal. It cannot be unshared.

For Wheels either;
• Step 1 – Hit + to create a new Wheel or
• Step 2 – Click on a Wheel from the Wheels list and go to the Details Tab

Once a Wheel is shared only the Client can ‘check in progress’. Coach and Client can edit all other details or delete a Wheel. It cannot be unshared.

For Journals either;
• Step 1 – Hit + to create a Journal or
• Step 2 – Tap on a Journal from you My Journal Tab and the following screen will display

There are a few more interesting things to know about sharing journals.

  • Unlike goals and wheels you can ‘unshare’ a journal at any time.
  • Once a Journal is shared only the originator of the Journal can edit or delete the Journal. This is because unlike goals or wheels, journals are personal and no one except the originator should be able to change them.
  • Goals and wheels can only be shared with one client/coach. You can share a journal with as many people as you like. This is because as a coach, you might be making observations that are relevant to a number of people you are coaching and if, for example, a client has a ‘life’ coach and a ‘leadership’ coach, they might want to share the same reflection with them both.

To share the item, once you are on one of the above screens open;
• Step 1 – Click on the “share with” field

• Step 2 – Select the Coach or Client you want to share the information with

• Step 3 – Confirm the selection by pressing OK on the confirmation screen