Groups allow you to send insights to ‘Groups’ of Clients rather than the default of All Clients.

Step 1 – Click on the Insight Tab
Step 2 – Click on the Groups Tab at the top right hand corner

Step 3 – Press the + to add a new Group.
Step 4 – Type the Group Name

Step 5 – Select a colour for your Group, this will help you to differentiate them when you are looking at your list of groups.
Step 6 – Select any Clients you wish to add to the Group,
Step 7 – Click the Save button at the bottom of the screen.


Things to know;
• You can update Group members at any time
• If you delete someone from a Group they will no longer be able to view any Insights posted to that Group
• If you add someone to a Group they will be able to see All Insights posted to that Group to date