You can review the entire history of your coaching relationship.

A lot can happen between Coaching conversations so to make it easy we have secret button. It’s the ‘relationship history’.

If you want to know all the things that have happened with a particular Client or Coach all you need to do is select the person from your contacts list.
And then click the magic button.
As soon as you do that a list of all actions taken by the Client will appear. You can scroll back as long as you like.


You can review the history of a specific goal.

Sometimes you might just want to look at the history of a Goal. How many date changes there have been, when Steps were added or changed. To be able to track all of this in one easy Step all you need do is go to the Goal screen.
Step 1 – Click on a Goal
Step 2 – And then click on the Activity Tab.
This screen will show only the history related to that Goal.