You can only record progress against a Wheel if you are the Client or if it is a Private Wheel.

Step 1 – Bring up the Wheel list that contains the Wheel you want to record progress against

Step 2 – Tap on the Wheel, this is will open the Progress Tab


If it is a Wheel that you can record progress against you will see a CHECK IN PROGRESS button running across the top of the Wheel.

Step 3 – Click ‘Check In Progress’ and the Check In Screen will appear as below.

Step 4 – Enter your ratings for each slider by moving the slider to the rating for each Driver.

Step 5 – Press the ‘Save Check In’ button at the bottom of the screen to record your ratings.

Things to know:
• Once you save your Check In, it cannot be changed or deleted.
• Coach and Client can review all past ‘Check Ins’ for a Wheel at any time.
• The Wheel will always display the last six check ins.
• To view more than the last six check ins change the Display From and Display To fields on the Progress tab.
• To view the actual values for the last 6 check ins, click on the Details tab, then click on a specific Driver. The last 6 Check Ins with be displayed at the bottom of the screen.