To ensure we can maintain a professional platform, free of advertising, Achiiva has adopted a fee structure based on the number of Clients you Coach. Fees are payable by the Coach. Prices have been developed in conjunction with a range of Coaches to ensure our pricing is affordable no matter how many clients you coach.

Who pays? Coach or Client?

Achiiva will always be free for clients. Subscription fees will be payable by coaches based on the number of coaching clients.

What are the subscription fees?

Subscription fees start at 17.99 AUD a month for upto 5 clients. To see all the subscription levels just go to our main page and scroll down to the Pricing heading.

What if I want to cancel or change my subscription?

There are no lock in contracts so you can cancel, upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time.

Is there a free version?

Achiiva will be free to download and use privately. This means if you are using it for your own goals etc.  and you don’t have any clients, it won’t cost you anything.

When you start using Achiiva with your clients, you will have 21 days unlimited use (as many clients as you want) for free. The 21 days will start when you invite your first client to work with you on Achiiva. On day 22 you will need to select a subscription. Subscription pricing can be found on the Achiiva home page. Simply scroll down the screen to the pricing information.

Can I do a special deal on pricing?

We are always open to discussing our pricing with Coaches. If you want to discuss pricing  or if you coach in excess of 50 clients please send us a Message and we will get in touch. 

Is there any advertising in Achiiva?

Achiiva does not promote advertising within the app. Your Clients will only see information shared with them by you, their Coach, or updates from Achiiva that relate to app updates and associated information. Achiiva is a professional Coaching app and platform, therefore, there is absolutely no in app advertising or purchases apart from those You promote to Your Clients of course!