A journal is a great companion wherever you go. 

Capturing journals or reflections is a powerful way to increase self-awareness, foster deep insights and achieve sustained behavioural change. It allow you to observe changes in your inner and outer worlds. The process of journaling and reflection will also speed up your path to mastery and success. 

Journaling enables us to learn from past actions and events that might otherwise go unnoticed. It also can help to identify repetitive, self-destructive behaviours, beliefs and thoughts that stand in the way of achieving our goals and dreams.

By having the ability to journal directly into your mobile device, it means that you can capture reflections and thoughts as they happen. Journals don’t need to be pages of writing they could be one sentence such as “I am feeling fearful about my presentation but not enough to stop me” or even one word for example, “happy”.

In Achiiva you can capture your journals, keep them Private of share them with your Coach or Client.

By sharing journals with your Coach you are increasing the power of the coaching relationship. Journals provide valuable insights to your coach that will enable them to better support you on your journey of improvement, achievement and mastery.

Make journaling a habit – write at least one journal a day.

Where should I start?

If you are wondering what to write about in your journal, your Coach will give you plenty of direction and ideas.

In the meantime here are some tips to get you started.
• Inner Dialogue and Emotions – Notice your inner thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Being able to observe and capture your inner world will increase your self-awareness and identify areas that are holding you back or propelling your forward.
• Thought Provoking – For example ‘I can improve my productivity by…’, ‘My relationship will improve when …’, ‘A risk I am willing to take today is….’. My life feels most harmonious when…, ‘My goal today is……..’, I believe that …..’, ‘I have always wanted to…..’, I love…..’, ‘I am happiest when….’, ‘My greatest strength is……’. Get the idea?
• Life lessons – Things you have learnt during the day or in hindsight and how your learnings will benefit you going forward.
• Behaviours -You are aiming to change or improve for example study habits, smoking, eating, mood, anger, exercising, delegating, speaking up, meeting deadlines, writing etc.
• Goal Achievement – Action taken or not taken toward goals, how you felt, what you did.
• Gratitude – Things you are grateful for in your life, no matter how small. Writing Gratitude Journals helps to strengthen the part of the brain that focuses on positive thoughts and deepens the capacity to appreciate. This type of journaling is also known to heightened experience of inner peace and well-being.
• Dreams & Bucket Lists – Capture Dreams for your future, the amazing things you want to do in this life and why you want to do them.
• Wheel Check Ins – Each time you check in progress on a Coaching Wheel write a brief journal providing some insight into your progress rating for one or more drivers.

Journaling need not take up a lot of time but you will find that time spent journaling will deepen insight, and wisdom and power up your coaching relationship. You may even find that your journaling ushers you into a healthier and happier place within yourself and others.