Insights can be set to post immediately or scheduled to post at a later date and time. Scheduling allows you to get a head of the game. You can enter multiple Insights in one sitting and schedule your insights for the next month or more!

Step 1 – Click on the Insights Tab
Step 2 – Click on the + sign to add an Insight

Step 3 – Add Insight Title 

Step 4 – If you want to post immediately there is no need to enter any date or time.

If you want to schedule the insight to post at a later time. Set the publishing date and time as appropriate. 


Step 5 – Type or paste the text of your Insight. If you have ‘audio to text’ on your device use this if you are entering longer articles or inoformation.

Step 6 – Insights by default will post to All Clients. However, you can change this default by setting up specific client Groups. When a Group is selected the Insight will only be view-able by Clients in that Group.

Step 6 – If you are adding a photo, link or file with your Clients then this is where you add it. If you need to share a document or file, a great way to do this is upload the file to a drop box or google drive folder and share the link here. This allows you to share the link with multiple Clients and ensure the right people get the right files and documents.


Step 8 – Click the Post Insight button.


Things to know;
• Once an Insight has posted it can be edited or deleted. To edit an Insight go to the My Insights Tab and click on the Title of the Insight you want to edit.
• At the moment you cannot add gif files or load video or audio directly from your mobile device (stay tuned).