In Achiiva you can share goals, wheels and journals with your Coach or Client. This makes it easy for the coach and client to know what information forms part of the coaching relationship, to promote accountability, motivation and progress tracking.

Whenever anything is shared, both the Coach and the Client see the same information.

For example, if a Client shares a goal with a Coach ‘Write a Book’. Both the Coach and Client will see the goal. This means that both the Coach and the Client can also edit and update the goal at any time and the other person will be notified of the changes.

For example, if the Client changed the Finish Date of the Goal from 1 Dec to 1 Jan, the Coach would receive a notification stating “Mary changed the Finish Date on Goal ‘Write a Book’ from 1 Dec to 1 Jan” or vice versa.

All notifications appear under the flag in the top right hand side of the screen 


By sharing Coaching Wheels, Goals and Journals Achiiva provides an engaging and powerful platform to support the coaching process.