As we were developing Achiiva we found that most Coaches and Clients are pursuing personal Goals as well as ones that relate to the Coaching relationship.

We didn’t want you to have to keep swapping apps to manage your private life and have data stored in multiple locations, so now, in Achiiva you can keep things private or they can be shared as part of the Coach/Client relationship.

When you keep things private only you can see them. Private means that the information is only visible to you. Your Coach or your Client cannot view or edit the information and they are not notified if it changes. By keeping some things private it means that you can work on personal priorities and your Coaching priorities all within the one mobile application.

Here is where you can share or keep things private.




Goals, Wheels and Journals can all be private but if you change your mind, at any time you can share them as part of the Coaching relationship.

Once an item is shared both the Coach and Client can view, and in most cases also edit the shared information.

Things to know
• If you don’t want to share a Goal, Wheel or Journal right away you can set it up ‘privately’ and when you are ready you can share it.
• By setting them up as private first it allows you to set them up and change them around. When you are comfortable with them, or when you think the time is right you can then ‘share them’ with your Coach or Client.