There are two ways to invite someone to use the Achiiva (see details further below). In summary;

  1. They have already registered in Achiiva – Their name will appear when you search for them, simply hit the + sign and they will receive a notification with your request.
  2. They have not registered in Achiiva – Their name does not appear in a search. You enter their email address in the invite field and Achiiva will send them an email invite to download the app and give them instructions on how to connect with you. (Example email at end of this article.)

In both of the above instances you will be notified in Achiiva when they connect with you.

The Process

Step 1 – Press the menu button on the bottom right hand side of the screen
Step 2- Select Connections


Step 3 – Press the + sign to add a new client or coach


Step 4 – If you are inviting a client, check the box next to client, if you are inviting a coach, check the box next to coach then you can search Achiiva to see if they have already registered. In the search box you can enter part of their name (first or last name), their username or an email and then press the search icon.


Step 5 – Proceed with one of the following.

5A – If your search returns the person you were looking for click the + sign to the right of their name. You will receive a confirmation message. If you press OK as they are already registered in Achiiva they will receive a notification in Achiiva. When they click on the notification it will direct them to accept your invitation. (The notification appears under the flag icon in the top right hand side of their screen.)


5B – If they cannot be found, press the “invite them to join Achiiva” button. You can invite an user from your contact list or by manually entering their email as below.


From your Contacts List

If your contact is in your phone contacts, press the + contact button and allow Achiiva to access your contacts. Once selected their email address will appear in the field below.

Once you have their information press SEND INVITATION at the bottom of the screen.


Your contact will receive an email from Achiiva. A copy of the email they will receive can be viewed below.

Enter their Email Address Manually

If they aren’t in your contact list simply add their email address manually in the field that says ‘Enter Email Address’ then press SEND INVITATION.

Things to note:

  • If you are inviting someone using an email address you can send a personal message along with your invitation by typing over the standard message in the field that says Edit Invitation Message.
  • When the user you have invited downloads the app and connects with you, you will receive a notification.

Example email that is sent to unregistered users.


[Your Name e.g. Mary] has sent you an invitation:

“I’d like to work with you on Achiiva.”

Achiiva is a professional mobile coaching application. To get started download the app and open it on your favourite device.

Once you have registered, go to Connections in the menu tab and approve the invitation received from [Your Name e.g. Mary].

If you need any assistance you can jump onto live chat on our website or in the app.

Here’s to achieving great things through coaching!