Step 1 – To view Wheels click on the ‘Wheels Tab’ at the bottom of the screen.


Step 2 – If you don’t have any filters active this will bring up a list of your Wheels (My Wheels). This will be Wheels that are private (marked with a P), or Wheels you are working on with a Coach. To view Wheels related to specific Clients or Coaches simply select the Coach or Client from the filter.

Step 3 – To display the wheel simply click on the any wheel from the list. This will bring up the wheel showing the latest Check Ins.


You can now select from two tabs.

  • Progress – on this tab you can view the progress of a wheel and  if it is a Private wheel or if you are the Client ‘you can Check In Progress’ . (You will see a blue bar that says ‘Check In Progress’.)
  • Details – on this tab you can update any information relating to the wheel as well as copy or delete the wheel.

Things to know:

  • If you are in the wheels Details Tab as above and you click on a Driver you will be taken to another screen where you can edit any information relating to the driver and if you scroll to the bottom of the driver screen you will see a graph showing the last 6 progress check ins for that driver.
  • When you are in the Progress Tab the app automatically displays the last 6 check ins. If you want to see more than the last six simply change the dates in the ‘display from’ and ‘display to’ fields at the top of the screen.