The dashboard captures key information relating to your actions. The dashboard can have upto three sections. One section relating to your private information, one relating to the work you are doing with a coach, and for coaches, a section showing how your clients are going.

It gives you a quick snapshot so you know where to focus your attention and helps drive personal accountability from day one.

To get the most out of your dashboard it is important to clearly communicate with your client how often you want them to share Journals, record progress (Check In) on their Wheels and that you want your client to be committed to achieving their goals and steps on time, or updating the relevant information.

Once you have this agreement in place it means that your client can take personal responsibility for meeting that agreement. They can see how they are tracking using the Dashboard and make sure they stay within your coaching agreement.

If you clients aren’t meeting the agreement, one quick look at the dashboard will give you the heads up. All you need do is send off a quick message to keep them on track. This form of Micro-Coaching improves coachability of your client, provides motivation and engagement and also provides valuable information to add into the coaching process and conversations.

If you would like an example of a coaching accountability agreement built on Achiiva please send a message using the contact form on our website.

What is on the Dashboard?

Depending on whether you are a coach or a client you can have upto 3 parts to your dashboard.

All Users – Private

Everyone can see their private statistics. This is for any goals, wheels and journals that do not relate to a coach/client relationship.

Achiiva Mobile Coaching App Dashboard

 Coaches  – Client Status

 Coaches can see key statistics for each client. In the diagram below the Clients Last Action was 5 hours ago, they last shared a journal 5 das ago, they have one goal overdue and last checked in progress on a wheel 10 days ago.

Coaches can also see how long it has been since they have interacted with the client on Achiiva. In the picture below is has been 8 hours since the coach interacted with this client. This enables the coach to keep track of client accountability and also set a benchmark of how frequently the coach wants to interact with a client. (Note that sharing an ‘insight’ counts as an interaction.) 

Dashboard Achiiva Mobile Coaching App

Clients – Manage Personal Accountability 

Clients can see key statistics relating to actions they have taken that form part of the coach/client relationship. As noted above, clients cannot see when the coach last interacted with them. This is important because we want our clients focused on self responsibility, accountability and ultimately coach-ability.


Interacting with your Dashboard

If you click on any box on the dashboard you will be taken to the appropriate screen.

If you click on

  • The Profile Picture – you will be taken directly to messaging.
  • Last Action – you will be taken to the screen where the last action took place. This could be a Message, a Goal update, a Journal, or something do with the Wheel.
  • Last Shared Journal – you will be taken to the last shared Journal.
  • Goals/Steps – you will be taken to the Goals listing.
  • Last Check In – you will be taken to the Wheel Progress screen.