Before you start, note that you can edit any or all of the information relating to a Wheel after it has been saved. So it’s OK to get started and finish it off or improve it later.

To create a Wheel click on the Wheels Tab at the bottom of the screen.

Step 1 – Click on the plus sign at the top right of the screen.


This opens up the Wheel Detail screen

Step 2 – Enter a Wheel Name. You have plenty of space available so make it something meaningful. It could be something simple like Health or Finance or something a bit longer such as Achieving Mastery, Improving my Life or Executive Development & Leadership Wheel.
Step 3 – Share or Keep Private. You can keep your Wheel private and share it later, or share it straight away. To share the Wheel straight click the ‘share with’ field and select the appropriate Coach or Client.
Step 4 – Wheel Description. Write the description and the purpose of the Wheel. This is a good place to write the “why” of the Wheel as well as an overview of the Wheel. For example “This Wheel will be used to track your progress in developing core leadership behaviours.” Or “This Wheel will be used to capture progress related to achieving life balance.”

Wheel Drivers
The Drivers section is where you add the “segments or spokes” to your Wheel. In Achiiva we call these ‘Drivers’. You can have one to 10 Drivers on each Wheel. These are the areas that you or your client will ‘check in progress’. This means you can capture progress on areas that are both easily measurable such as ‘read 10 books’ or quite subjective such as ‘happiness’. This is what makes Wheels so powerful.

To add Drivers to your Wheel;
Step 5 – Click ‘+ Add New Driver’ button. This opens up the add Driver Screen. 


Type in the name of the Driver noting that you only have a maximum of 20 character for your Driver name. For example Drivers for the Health Wheel could include ‘Healthy Food’, ‘Exercise’, ‘Emotional State’ or even “20min Mediation/Day”

Step 6 – Enter a Description for the Driver. The information entered here should ensure both Coach and Client have a clear understanding of what a 10 looks like for this Driver. The reason this is important is because when you ‘check in progress’ you rank each Driver from 0 to 10. For example for Description for the “Exercise” Driver in my Health Wheel may be “I walk at least 40 minutes three time a week and do 20 mins of cardio at least twice a week”.
Step 7 – From the color boxes select a Colour for this Driver
Step 8 – Click ‘Add Driver’.

To add another Driver repeat Steps 5 to 8. You can add a maximum of 10 Drivers to each Wheel.

Step 9 – When you have added all your Drivers press the ‘Save Wheel’ button.

You Wheel will now be saved.

Things to know:
• If you shared your Wheel with a Coach or Client, to view the Wheel select the Coach or Client from the filter at the top of the screen
• You be working on multiple wheels at once with a Client or Privately. Eg. a life wheel, a business coaching wheel, a finance wheel, a management wheel.
• Only the Client can check in progress on a shared Wheel 
• If you have spent a lot of time setting up a Wheel and want to use it again you can copy the Wheel at any time. When you copy a Wheel it will not copy any Progress information, only the core wheel information is copied so that you have a new and fresh, ready to use Wheel!