To set up a Goal:

Step 1 – Select the Goals tab at the bottom of the screen.


Step 2 – Select the + sign to add a new Goal.


Step 3 – Enter the Goal Title. (This is the only mandatory field.)


Step 4 – Enter the Goal Description. To increase the power of the goal enter ‘why this goal matters to you’.  This information will be displayed on the goal listing which means every time you look at your goal you will also see the reason it is so important to you. This should help continue to motivate you to keep taking action, no matter how challenging things get.

Step 5 – Enter the Goal Finish Date. 

Step 6 – If this Goals forms part of a Coaching Relationship hit ‘P Private’ and share it with the appropriate Coach or Client. You will be asked to confirm your selection. Once shared both you and your Coach or Client will be able to view and edit the Goal. 

Step 7 – Select the Challenge level. The challenge level help distinguish between goals that are simple and ones that are a stretch.


Step 8 – Select any Wheel Drivers that relate to this Goal. Thinking about which Wheel Driver this Goal relates to helps you build another level of understanding why this Goal is important.

Step 9 – Leave the Goal Status as Active unless you are entering the a Goal that has already been completed.

Step 10 – Select Save Goal.

Things to know:

  • Once a Goal is saved you can add Steps to the Goal.
  • Once a Goal is saved you can go back in and update any of the Goal information.
  • If a Coach or Client make a change to a shared Goal, the other will automatically receive a Notification.