Messaging in Achiiva works much the same as What’s App or Text Messaging.

Step 1 – Select the person you want to Message by clicking on the people icon in the top left. A list of all your Coaches and Clients will appear.
Step 2 – Click on the name of the person you want to Message.
Step 3 – Write your Message in the box and hit the > icon to send.  Note that you can add a photo to a Message by clicking on the camera icon and, if you add any web links in the Message they will be ‘live’ meaning if you click on them you will be redirected to the appropriate web page.


As soon as the Message is sent your contact will receive a notification as below
The Message counter will be re-set to zero once you have clicked on and viewed the Message.

Thing worth knowing
• Just in case you are wondering – you cannot delete or edit a sent Message.
• If your phone supports audio to text input, you can send longer Messages easily by using this feature.
• By making sure all your Coaching communications use this feature it makes it easy to distinguish Coaching Messages from personal Messages, makes it easier to keep all your Coaching conversations in one place and keep all your Coaching history together.