To register an account you must either;

a. Download and instal Achiiva from the app store onto your mobile device or
b. Go to the Web App from – See How do I use Achiiva on my computer?

Note that when you set uo your account the only information visible to anyone who uses the app is:

  • You First and Last Name
  • Your User Name

Step 1 – Click on New Sign Up

Step 2 – Decide how you would like to register. You can use LinkedIn, Facebook or a unique login just for Achiiva. (Note that if you use LinkedIn or Facebook this means you do not have a unique password for Achiiva and cannot reset your password from within Achiiva.) 


If you register using Facebook or LinkedIn
You will be prompted for your username and password before being asked to provide some information specific to Achiiva as below.

Your first and last name and email address will be as per your Facebook or LinkedIn account

If you choose to sign up direct with Achiiva
Step 1 – Enter you first and last name (mandatory). This information will be viewable to other users.

Step 2 – Hit Next Step

Step 3 – Enter your Email address twice (mandatory)


Step 4 – Enter your username. (mandatory).

Step 5 – Enter your phone number as shown (optional)

Step 6 -If you were referred to Achiiva please enter their details (optional)

Step 7 – Enter information that best describes you. You can choose more than one. This information will ensure your account is set up correctly. Just click what best describes how you will use the app. Note that if you are currently a Client who aspires to be a Coach, marking “I have a Coach” does not stop you from using Achiiva as a Coach down the track.

Select from;
a. I am a Coach
b. I have a Coach
c. I am a manager

Step 8 – Hit Next

Step 9 – Enter a password – at least 6 characters with alphabetic and one numeric character

Step 10 – Hit Next. You will proceed to terms and conditions

Step 11 – Accept Terms and Conditions and your account will become active.