Once the Coaching has come to an end you can mark your Client or Coach as Inactive. Once inactive, you can view your history together but you cannot continue to work on any shared goals or wheels, and you can no longer message each other. You can ‘reactivate’ at any time, once ‘reactivate’ all your past information becomes live again.

To set a Client/Coach to inactive:
Step 1 – Click on the Menu on the bottom right of the screen (three bars) and select Connections

Step 2 – Scroll down to your Client/Coach List
Step 3 – At the right hand side of each active Client or Coach you will see a red ‘deactivate’ button. Press on this to deactivate the connection.

Step 4 – A popup box will appear asking you to confirm your action. A notification will be sent to the other user letting them know that the relationship is now inactive.

Things to know
• Once a Coach/Client is deactivated you cannot Message them anymore, or continue to work on any shared Goals or Wheels.
• Once a Client is Inactive they will no longer receive the Coaches Insights
• You can view all past activities you worked on together. Goals, Wheels, Journals and Messages but you can no longer edit or update this information.
• If you re-engage the Coach or Client, when you connect again all the historic information will be available to view and edit. Nothing will be lost.