To copy a Wheel:
Step 1 – Bring up the Wheel that you want to copy
Step 2 – Click on the Wheel, this will open the ‘Progress’ Tab

Step 3 – Select the ‘Details’ Tab and Scroll to the bottom of the screen
Step 4 – Click the ‘Copy Wheel’ button.


As soon as you press ‘Copy Wheel’ a duplicate of the Wheel will appear. The name of the Wheel will be change to the Original Name appended with Copy for example, if the original Wheel name was ‘Health’, after pressing Copy, the Wheel name will be ‘Health – Copy’. If the original Wheel was shared, the replicated Wheel will now be private.  This means you can now share the Wheel with another Coach or Client or keep it as a Private Wheel.
Step 6 – Edit any of the Wheel information that you want to change, including the name of the Wheel.
Step 7 – When you have completed editing your Wheel scroll to the bottom of the screen and press ‘Save Wheel’

Things to know:
• Copying a Wheel doesn’t affect the original Wheel and it does not copy any progress check ins.
• Copying a Wheel creates a fresh new ready to use Wheel! You can change the name and/or edit any information you choose.