If you do not have an Achiiva account.

If you receive an email to connect with someone on Achiiva and you have not already registered then simply follow the instructions in the email as explained further below.


Step 1 – Click on the link in the email or search your app-store to download Achiiva. (Make sure you spell it with a double i)
Step 2 – Register an account
Step 3 – Select the Menu in the bottom right hand side and select Connections


Step 4 – Confirm or delete the Invitation under the heading Invitations Received – To Action. (Hopefully you will want to confirm it!) Once confirmed you will be connected with your coach or client.


If you have already registered an Achiiva account.

If you have registered an Achiiva account using a different email then you do not want to register a new account as above.

To connect with your coach or client, using the username or their name in the email follow these instructions.