Step 1 – Press the Menu button
Step 2 – Press the Profile button.


Account Details Section.


Step 3 – Update Username if required
Step 4 – Change email address if required
Step 5 – Add your phone number

Personal Details


Step 6 – Press any of the fields to bring up the change personal details screen.

Step 7 – Add or change Profile Picture.
Step 8 – Change Full Name if required.
Step 9 – Add your Company name.
Step 10 – Add or change your Location.
Step 11 – Add your Date Of Birth (note this remains private and is not shared with anyone).
Step 12 – Press Update Profile.

Coaching Categories

Step 13 – Press the Coaching Categories field


Step 14 – Select or Unselect any of the coaching categories


Step 15 – Select Update Categories
Step 16 – Select Personal Summary
Step 17 – Enter your Personal Summary


Step 18 – Press Add

Further Information


Step 19 – Add Professional Associations
Step 20 – Add Professional Experience
Step 21 – Add Accreditation’s
Step 22 – Add Publications
Step 23 – Add Awards

Things to note

  • Your profile is only visible by your coach or client. Ensuring it is up to date will enable you clients to be aware of the breadth of your experience and expertise and for clients, it will enable your coaches to better understand your background, passions and experience.
  • To see what you contacts will see you can click on PREVIEW in the top right hand corner at any time.
  • Your date of birth will not be shown to any contacts.
  • Coaching Categories – If you want to add new categories you can write them next to ‘other’
  • By updating your profile your Coach and Clients will get to know you a whole lot quicker!
  • Don’t forget that if you have a LinkedIn account, you can fast track some of the above by importing your LinkedIn profile. If you want more information click here.