Being able to track the history of the coaching relationship makes it easy to prepare for coaching sessions. In Achiiva tracking all actions relating to the coaching relationship is simple.

You can review the history of a coach/client relationship at any time. Some of the key ways this feature is being used include;

  • Meeting Preparation – Prior to a Coaching catch up, check the activity history of the Client or Coach from the messaging window as below. This will act as a quick reminder of what has transpired since you last caught up. All actions are shown on this screen.
  • Supporting Accreditation – Different coaching accreditations often require you to demonstrate coaching activity. Achiiva makes this simple.
  • Goal History – If you are working on a specific goal that is not gaining traction, go to the goals activity tab so you can focus on what has occurred in relation to the specific goal or goals.

You can find our more information relating to the history of coaching relationships here.

History of the Coaching Relationship

As above, in Achiiva you can recall the history of the entire Coaching Relationship.


History of a Goal

In Achiiva you can also track the history of any Goal.