In Achiiva you have a Goal and Steps.  You can set ‘Finish Dates’ for both Goals and Steps. For example you might set a Goal ‘Write a Book’ with a Finish Date of 01.01.2018.

You might add a series of Steps to this Goal such as:

  • Brainstorm Ideas by 01.03.2017
  • Draft Table of Content 01.04.2017 all the way to
  • Print Book by  01.02.2018.

This means that the Finish Date for your last Step ‘Print Book’ of 01.02.2018 is later than the proposed Finish Date for the Goal of 01.01.2018. If you were to enter this date in Achiiva you would receive a message stating “Step Finish Date is later than Goal Finish Date”.


This should prompt you to either extend the Goal Finish Date or change the Step Finish Date to a date before 01.01.2018.

Some people think that if this happens Achiiva should automatically update the Goal Finish Date. But after a lot of research and discussion with experts in the field of Goal Achievement, we decided against that option.  Why? Because only you know when you want to have your Goals and Steps completed and it is important that you own and commit to all dates entered. If Achiiva changed dates automatically and you didn’t meet the dates you could always blame the app, and we can’t have that!