Copying a goal will copy the goal, the steps and any associated dates. Once copied, all the information can be edited. If the goal was shared with a coach or client, once copied the goal will revert to being ‘private’ which means you can share it with any coach or client.

Step 1 – Select the Goal from the Goals tab that you wish to copy.


Step 2 – Scroll down to the Copy Goal Button and Select it.


Step 3 – Confirm you want to copy this goal.
Step 4 – This will take you back to the Goals Tab where you will see your list of Goals. You can select the Goal you copied from here and edit it. The goal name will be appended with ‘-Copy’ and it will be Private.


Steo 5 – Edit the goal description to remove the word ‘copy from the title, edit other goal / step dates, descriptions and any other information you want to change. You can then assign the goal to a client, share with a coach, or keep it private!