In a nut shell, it is so that you can receive relevant information relating to the app, the odd bit of motivation and the ability to directly message with the Achiiva Team

Everyone who registers in Achiiva will be connected with a coach called ‘Achiiva News & Help’ (AN). This way we can easily communicated to all users through AN posts information that is relevant or important to our users for example information on:

  • New Features
  • New Releases
  • Bug Fixes
  • Important changes to the website

And from time to time AN will also post the odd inspirational, motivational or humorous Insight related to achieving goals and dreams.

There is also another reason for you connecting with AN. Whilst we have live chat and other support options you can always send a message directly to AN with any questions, concerns or feedback related to using Achiiva.  You can expect a message back from us within 24 hours if not a lot sooner!

We look forward to hearing from you.