If you registered an Achiiva account using Facebook or LinkedIn you will need to log into Achiiva using the “Login with LinkedIn” or “Login with Facebook” option and use the password associated with that account.

If you have forgotten your LinkedIn of Facebook password you will need to go to Facebook or LinkedIn to either reset or recover your password. Unfortunately, due to strict privacy rules you cannot change or recover your password from Achiiva,

If you try and use the Reset Password option in Achiiva and you have set up your account using LinkedIn or Facebook you will receive an error Message as per this screen.

If for whatever reason you cannot find or reset your LinkedIn or Facebook password please jump on our website www.achiiva.com Live Chat and one of our technicians will assist by setting up a separate login not associated with your Facebook or LinkedIn Account.

Did you know?

Some users set up their Achiiva account using LinkedIn or Facebook and then change their mind! So we have made it easy to set up a password directly associated with your Achiiva email or username, even if you initially registered using LinkedIn or Facebook.

To add an Achiiva password to your account;

Step 1 – Log into Achiiva

Step 2 – Select the bottom right hand menu (three bars) and then select Profile from the menu list


Step 3 – Click on Add Password


Step 4 – Enter New Password


Step 5 – Press Update Password


Step 6 – Confirmation Box


Once you have added your new password you will have two options of how to log into Achiiva.
  1. Using LinkedIn or Facebook and the associated password or
  2. Enter you Achiiva Username or Registered Email and your Achiiva password as entered above.