Only Coaches can post insights.

Insights are used by Coaches to share news, information, updates, education, motivation, resources or thoughts with their Clients. 

Things to know:
• If you downloaded Achiiva before 25 August, 2016 and you are a Coach, you will be able to use insights after you have connected with your first Client.
• For downloads after the above date insights will be available for you to use immediately if on registering you ‘ticked’ ‘I am a Coach’ or ‘I am a Manager’.
• If you did not mark either of these, as above, and you are a Coach. Don’t panic, Insight functionality will open up once you have your first Client.
• All users of Achiiva will receive insights from Achiiva News & Help (Coach). These insights will relate to app updates, news and related information. From time to time there might be some inspirational posts too!