There are two ways to add Steps to a Goal both start with the same first step.

Step 1 – Click on the Goals Tab at the bottom of the screen. If you have not changed the filter the screen will be displaying your goals. Change the filter if necessary so the Goal you want to add Steps to is on the screen.



Method 1 – By Adding a Step from the Goal View Screen

Step 2 – Click on the small triangle to open the Add Steps function under the appropriate Goal.


Step 3 – Click on + Add New Step. This will bring up a field where you can type in the name of the Step.


Step 4 – Enter the Name of the Step Name and then press +. The Step will now appear on the Step list under the Goal.


Step 5 – To add details to the Step click on the Step and the Edit Step screen will appear.

On this screen you can: 
• Edit the Step title (Note that the Step Name is the only mandatory field)
• Change the Step Status from Active to Completed (only change to Completed if you are capturing a step in hindsight i.e. it has already been completed)
Add a Finish Date (or come back and add it later)
• Add a detailed Description of the Step. Note that there is plenty of room to write so you can also add notes to this field to provide more information related to the Step.

Step 6 – To Save and Exit click on the back arrow at the top left of the screen. This will take you back  to the list of Steps for the Goal. 


Method 2 – By Selecting the Goal First

Step 2 – Tap on the Goal that you want to add the Steps to. This will open the Goal Details tab. Select the second Tab which is the Steps Tab.


Step 3 – Click on ‘New Step’ and enter the Name of the Step.


Step 4 – Press +. The Step will now appear on the Step List.

Step 5 and Step 6 as per Method 1 above.

Step 7 To get back to the Goal Listing click the arrow in the top left of the screen.


Things to know;

  • You can change the order of Steps at any time 
  • The Finish Date for a Step, can be set at any time. If the date you set is later than the Finish Date on the Goal, you will receive an orange message stating “Step Finish Date is later that Goal Finish Date”. At this point you need to decide what to do next you can;
        a. Not worry about it and sort it out later
        b. Change the Step Finish Date to a later date
        c. Go back and edit the Goal Finish Date to be a later date
  • The Goal finish date does not update when you add dates to Steps. Want to know why? Here’s the answer.